Tiny World Big Me

Crop Hoodie: forever21 Size S

Overalls: Forever21 Size M

Shoes: Vans: Size 7

Jewelry: Rose Gold Choker/BeDazzled Choker , Earrings Gleem Hoops , Midi Rings Forever21

Tiny Houses are the fad now. People are trading in the big and usual for small and cute. I understand why when you look at the bigger picture. Money wise, it is a saving point. Down sizing and being able to use the savings for anything, vacationing, traveling, college for the kids, kids, anything.

Me, I’m not so interested. I have always dreamed of a half loop driveway in the front. Grand stair way, huge dinning room will tall ceilings, and don’t forget 3 stories. I’m going to have a cliche white room with a twist. My family and friends will be allowed to paint, draw, shout out, show love on the wall. And every so often well repaint it white and try different things. The kitchen is going to be the first floor, big enough for everyone to cook at one time when. My family is huge. My dreams are big which follow with work ethic and passion.



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