85fbc93f-bf0b-45fb-8f27-b43ed1838efeHi! My name is Deshanay (day-sha-nay) a 24 year old from Carson, California but now reside in Greensboro, North Carolina. I’m black ( dad is of Black, Native American, and White descent and mom of Black and Native American descent). I’m a lover of beauty, style, health, modeling, and all thinggs lifestyle. I have plenty of self motivation and goals I want to achieve and decided to allow you to join me on that journey. Hard work pays off and I mist say i’v been working hard. I found a way to channel my energy, whether it positive or negative, and turn it better or initial positivity. As a young woman, i’ve experienced every emotion and putting my emotioms and focus into my craft has helped drastically.

Join me on my journey ✌🏽💚😀